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Food Blob: Breaking Vedge And Taking Names

· Alert your creditors and brace for the holidays knowing that you got a sweet new one-stop for Mom, Sis, and Metrosexual Bro: Foster’s Urban Homeware will open its new flagship store at 4th & Market on August 1. Brands repped include an Apartment 399 furniture sample studio thing, oxo, iittala, Chilewich, Umbra, Riedel, Schott […]

Food Blob: Your Source For Essential Proteins And Minerals

· Holy frijoles, the award for “Most Vicious Pan Of A New Restuarant In Fishtown Since 1980″ goes to… Hot Potato! Yes, that’s right, HP, hang that shit on your wall! Diners will thrill at the descriptions of “rubbery, too-chewy” pierogies and the “charred, gummy mess” that is your Asian green beans. Look on the […]

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