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Food Blob: Scenebartalken!

>>> Jamie Mahon: ‘E’s a fookin’ legend, innit? If it’s not the cake-in-the-pants story, it’s the 500 no-pants-at-all stories, and if it’s not The Three-4-Tens he’s bassing it up for, it’s The Asteroid #4. Mahon’s staying behind for the ‘Stroid’s UK tour we reported earlier today because he’s got his hands full with his other, […]

Food Blob: If Grandma Had Balls, She’d Be Grandpa

· We know, we know: It’s 90-plus degrees outside, you’ve already had a busy week, you’re exhausted, so you slump back home in South Philly, and as soon as you hit the couch, it hits you. You need marinated goat, and you need it now. Fortunately, you are in luck: Hardena is right around the […]

Food Blob: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Yards!

· Update on the Yards brewery breakup: Bill and Nancy Barton — the side that didn’t get the name or the recipes — have issued a press release saying that they have officially formed Philadelphia Brewing Co., slated to begin production in the fall on the site of what was/still is the Yards brewery in […]


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