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Food Blob: Now That’s Just Nasty

· Yes, yes, you can in fact try foie gras for five dollars, but why bother when you can get this delicious sampling of asshole for free? Is it just us, or does this totally put-upon press release from Philadelphia Chefs for Choice sound just like the faux neo-con “war on Christmas,” or what? Sure, […]

Drink Of The Moment: The Gay Randy

Pearls & Brass. Pissed Jeans. Randy Huth has a big hand in both, and any day now Drag City will release his self-titled solo debut as Randall of Nazareth. But it’s for something else that we’re loving him right now: The Gay Randy, his namesake Khyber concoction. It’s real simple — Miller High Life and […]

Breaking: Tastykake Pumpkin Pies Back On Local Shelves

A mid-afternoon trip to the Fishtown Auxiliary For Obese Children just revealed that — holy hell, how the time flies — the Tastykake Pumpkin Pies are back for the fall. Now, we don’t know how you feel about Tastykake pies in general, as the consensus seems to be generally split between “Oh, that’s naszt-ty” and […]


Food Blob: What’s-A Matta You?

· An anonymous tipster just earned his title by telling us that Frank from Rustica Pizza in NoLibs was just hauled away in cuffs after a dust-up out on the sidewalk with a Philadelphia Parking Authority officer! Please God, let this be the same PPA drone that got served by Susanna Foo. In the meantime, […]

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