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Food Blob: Candy Corn Shockingly Revealed To Be Actual Food/Our Fault

>>>Beer is like food to us, so imagine how crestfallen we were to hear that the costs of hops is on the rise, possibly making happy hour less pleasant in the near future. According to this guy, anyway. Brewmaster at the General Lafayette Inn in Lafayette Hill, Chris Leonard: “Hops have become priceless, in that […]

Food Blob: With A Whole Lotta Soul!

· South Street’s Miss Tootsie’s RBL, hot off of a win for MyFoxPhilly’s Best Soul Food Restaurant, will be ringing in November with 3 days of events: On the 2nd, they’ll be having a party to celebrate the win; on the 3rd, they’ll be celebrating their one year anniversary with Jill Scott, Monique, Musiq Soulchild […]

Food Blob: $15 All-U-Can-Eat Crab Balls And How Craig LaBan Is Racist Against Hipsters

· Hot tip: More than 40 restuarants are participating in this Thursday’s “Taste Of Philadelphia” event, and tickets are only 15 bucks — if you pick ‘em up before the day of the event. Then, they go to $30, and suddenly, eating 28 different kinds of crab balls and things wrapped in bacon doesn’t really […]


Food Blob: Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine

· Whither The Book & The Cook? Apparently, yes, it do wither. When the author/chef-meets-diners fest fires up for its 23rd year later this month, it’ll be its leanest year ever. Who’s to blame? That damned Food Network. Sort of. It also might not be helping that they haven’t updated their logo since 2002. Sayin’. […]

Food Blob: “Wow, That’s Sooooo Funky!

>>> Do you know how sometimes, you’ll be out with someone who’s either ridiculously white/sheltered/not from a city, and you’ll be taking them around, and they’ll be ooh-ing and ahh-ing, saying things are “funky” and “eclectic” or “offbeat” just because it’s not the low-middlebrow culture that they’re used to? And you almost feel like they’re […]


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