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Food Blob: Rest In Peace, Gator Dude

• Sad but true: The inventor of Gatorade has gone to the big sports bottle in the sky. But as in life, he brings us joy by inspiring a bouncy obit with such phrases as “cunning dashes of whatever.” Truth be told, Gatorade will always remind us of a simpler time, before VitaminWater and Fuze […]

Food Blob: I Am The Bread Man

• Swallow, the husband-and-wife BYO at the corner of Liberties Walk phase two, is finally set to open Dec. 15. After a long series of delays, let’s hope this date holds, if only because we’re tired of walking under that tattoo-ish sign and seeing the windows all brown-paper’ed up. [Inky] • It’s been ages since […]

Review: “The Reaper”

Name: The Reaper Available at: Trax Food Market, Front & Girard, open 24 hours. What it is: Apparently, The Reaper is a soft pretzel that’s been sliced in half — horizontally — and refurbed with a few slices of ham and cheese in the middle, put back together, then warmed up again so that the […]


Food Blob: The Best Part Of Waking Up

>>>Did you say Daily Affirmation? It’s coffee, bitch. Even though the lot of you are only Folgers or Maxwell House men when it’s foisted upon you at your grandparents’ crib in a chipped mug from 1987. We hope some of you were the lucky? recipients of Maxwell samples this a.m., as the coffee company not […]

Food Blob: Sue Me? Sue You!

>>> The Irish Pub & Inn in Atlantic City are suing PhillyMag after one of its writers described the I.P. as a “dive.” Lame, of course, but not nearly as lame as the following exchange: Asked for comment, Larry Platt, Philly Mag editor and A.C. Now’s editorial director, said: “This is a case of a […]


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