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Food Blob: “Things We Ate On Moving Day” Edition

· So as we noted yesterday, Philebrity moved into its new HQ (top secret, don’t ask) and as such, we didn’t cook. But for people who were supposed to be moving, we sure did eat a lot. For lunch, after we dropped off a bunch of donations at Philly AIDS Thrift (we were considering dropping […]

Food Blob: An Ounce Of Walt Wit Is Worth A Pound Of Sorrow

>>>Whole Foods has been threatening to take away your plastic option for nearly a year now. But all of that ancient checkout line dishing with Yentas has finally led us somewhere. The plan is to nix the bad bags by Earth Day, and offer only paper or reusable totes for 99 cents. If you’re still […]

Food Blob: Go Duck Yourself

Is there a fuzzy or feathered creature that Councilman Jack Kelley will not stuff into his mouth to further the “kind to animals, totally part of the machine” platform he ran on? Don’t answer that, we wanna see if he can fit an alpaca in there. Meanwhile, Cap’n Jack is making noises about going back […]


Food Blob: Coming, Going Back, Gone

Walltown sounds like some type of hood slang that we are going to break…right…now. But it’s just the name of a new eatery at 15th & Ridge, on the first floor of the Arts Garage. Walltown Cafe is already open, but they’ll host a grand opening VIP reception on the 17th with menu samples and […]

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