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Food Blob: You Want Horseflies Fries With That?

Alright locavores, time to walk it like you talk it: If you’re a fan of horse carcasses, hooves and manes covered in manure then you just missed out! Strawberry Mansion has been home to rotting horse remains for months now. Long story short, after complaints about the remains they were cleaned up. Who dumped the […]

Specials: Bar Ferdinand’s Monday Night Wine Thing Will Definitely Help You Get Fired

We also (finally) hit up Bar Ferdinand’s Monday half-price-bottle-of-wine thing. The results? Grand. I mean, where else can you score a bottle of Dominio de Tares ‘Albares’ Bierzo and Osborne ‘Solaz’ Shiraz Tempranillo for a combined total of $30? Oh, Total Wine, you say? But isn’t that in New Jersey and isn’t it illegal to […]

Coming Soon On First Look: Mmm, Supper

Check back soon for’s exclusive video peek at Mitch & Jennifer Prensky‘s new South Street bistro, Supper.


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