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It’s Vintastic! Turkey Flat Grenache 2005

After the jump, Collin Flatt expounds on the little screw-top Aussie Grenache that could. And did.

City Paper Cut-And-Paste Of Devil’s Den Menu Inspires 3-Month-Long Argument

Back in January, the City Paper posted a menu exclusive for the (still) yet-to-open Devil’s Den bar/restaurant in South Philly. The resulting comments had everyone arguing over who is more fit to play devil’s advocate- “hip, urban” parents who aren’t ready to turn in their scene points for Chuck E. Cheese tokens just because they’ve […]

Coors Banquet: Worth A Damn?

Seeing Coors Banquet on the beer menu at National Mechanics recently, we were like ‘Banquet’? WTF? Did Coors team up with Bloc Party or something? Turns out it’s a retro repackaging of the first-known Coors. We’re talking pre-Coors Light. We’re talking your grandpa’s Coors, once known as “Coors Original.” So never mind that for the […]


Food Blob: Visualize Success

· Beer Week: Did it all really happen, or was it just a wonderful dream? ‘Twas no dream, says the Inky: “A conservative estimate of 15,000 people attended nearly 300 beer-themed events in the city and suburbs from March 7 through 16.” That is a LOT of awful microbrews quaffed, folks. Hopefully, you all went […]

Curry Egg Challenge: The Readers Respond!

Earlier this week, challenged readers to dish on curry eggs: How to make them, where to get them, and can we have some. (Well, not the last one, but hey, if you wanna email us some curry eggs, go nuts.) Today, reader Upma sorta bunts the challenge, but comes up with a homer nonetheless: […]


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