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Back in 2006, there was a huge flap over what turned out to be some health code violations that Stephen Starr never got, after a report from the City’s Office of Food Protection was bungled by Philadelphia Magazine. Starr was eventually vindicated, but this should have been an object lesson for all who serve food in Philly: In this new information age, where anyone can look up what kind of health code violations any place in the city has, it’s more incumbent upon business owners than ever before to follow the City’s codes to the letter of the law. Dirty little secrets are still dirty, but they’re not secrets anymore. And now that the 2007 violation reports are out, there’s a new fun little toy for anyone who wants to go roach and rat-hunting: A Google Maps mashup that can tell you who’s got what, and who’s clean. It’s at, and it’s been producing shudders and howls and phew!’s here in the Phoodie office all morning. (If you must know, the above violation belongs to Vietnam Palace. For shame!) Simply put, here’s what it does:

Search for any written violations of food businesses – including restaurants, bakeries, street carts – subject to inspection by Environmental Health Services in the city of Philadelphia.

Data obtained from
There are currently 15,028 records in the database.

Enter your favorite restaurant… IF YOU DARE!!! Muwa-ha-ha…
WelcomeToPhilly: This Is Not Really That Welcoming, But We Dig It All The Same [Hat tip to TheDailyDish]

  • Shumpitron

    I can honestly say I’m friggin frightened to even look at this thing. Perhaps ignorance is bliss…

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