Phoodie Exclusive: Philadelphia Brewing Company Debut Taps Revealed

newboldEarlier today, Foobooz reported that the debut shipments of the Philadelphia Brewing Company beers would be apprearing today. Hot off of the email from PBC’s Nancy Barton here’s where you can go out and give ‘em a test run tonight:

Lost Bar, Philly Bar, Bonner’s, Bridgets, 700, Dive Chaucers, Johnny Brenda’s, POPE, Society Hill Hotel, London, Khyber, Good Dog, Misconduct, Green Rock, Cherry Street Tavern, Old Eagle Tavern, North Bowl, Pete’s Sake, Bridget Foy’s, 1601, North 3rd, Grey Lodge, Artful Dodger, McGlinchy’s, South Philly Tap Room, Standard Tap, Race Street Cafe, and New Wave Cafe.

Enjoy, and check back on Phoodie tomorrow as we dish a video report on the first tappings.

  • Jersey Joe

    Dude, it’s Bridgid’s, not Bridget’s

  • marthadotcom

    Should have known that when Philebrity started a foodie blog it would be 90% about beer. Way to branch out!

  • tips

    Martha, it’s BEER WEEK. Don’t be like that, honey.

  • CenterCityGuy

    Good Dog says they have to run out of Miller Lite, then the Kenzinger gets tapped. Misconduct has the Rowhouse Red.

  • Nicole

    Chaucer’s has the Walt Wit and the Rowhouse Red. I favor the RR

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