Breaking News: The Anti-Christ To Dine/Tape At Deuce

rachael ray
“… so then I was like, ‘You only have these Ugg boots in eggplant and ochre?’ I mean, GROSS, right? And then I was like, ‘I spend a LOT of money in this shoe store, hon,’ and then SHE was like…”

Oh, God, how we wish it wasn’t true, but, just in over the wire:


Deuce Restaurant and Bar, 1040 N. 2nd Street, will host “Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels” Friday, April 4th . The ebullient epicure’s Food Network show will feature the Northern Liberties scene as well as the lovingly-reviewed dishes created by Deuce’s Executive Chef Todd Lean. Reservations for the show are
being accepted now.

Best part of all this? Somehow, you just know girlfriend is going to leave a tip of like exactly $2.18 before she moves on to somewhere else in town to eat like a corndogpretzelcheesesteak.

  • Court

    Oh nooooooo. If she comes into my vicinity I’m going to spill something red and permanent, preferably on her face.

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