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10 Arts To Open May 20

10 Arts, the new restaurant from chef Eric Ripert, is rumoured to open on May 20. Opening in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, 10 Arts will reportedly serve “American with a focus on local product“. After the jump, check out short list of dishes listed on their website and stay tuned to Phoodie for an interview […]

Smells Like Chain Brazilian Steakhouses: Chima Throws Itself On The Meat-On-A-Stick Pile

Years from now, we’ll bounce the grandkids on our knees and regale them with what has to be the most puzzling food trend of the ought years: The “high-end” chain Brazilian steak house (if not the chain-ing of steak houses of any kind altogether). And while we cannot argue with seared beef of any kind […]

Food Blob: Stand And Deliver!

· From the DEPARTMENT OF THINGS YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO AFFORD: Stephen Starr‘s new catering service. [Inky] · Meanwhile, Foobooz advances our earlier scoop on Apothecary and shakes out every last detail from poor Bruno. [Foobooz] · And for those of you pondering the healing power of food, there’s a pretty interesting cover story in […]


8 Days of Eats!

8 Days of Eats kicks off tomorrow, allowing you to mosey down to South Street and enjoy $15 and $30 dinner specials. With over twenty restaurants participating, you have much to choose from. Unfortunatly Lorenzo’s is not involved, because stuffing your face with $30 worth of pizza just isn’t keen to do in public. The […]

Yay Or Nay: Wild Blue Blueberry Lager

Most blueberry beers, we’re sure you all know, come in the form of a blueberry wheat, where the fruitiness is submerged to the point of being merely a gentle aftertaste. So imagine our surprise when picking up Wild Blue, a blueberry LAGER, at the Foodery and discovering how very fruity it is. It’s like chugging […]


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