Scallion Pancakes Come Home To Roost

scallionpancakes We could sit here all day and run Death Matches about which Chinese joints have the best scallion pancakes. You know what we mean: The chewy, slightly flaky side dish also known, in what is perhaps the biggest tease of all time, as Chinese pizza. (Or, in Chinese, tsung yu bing.) Even when it’s a bit too chewy, dipping a slice of scallion pancake into soy sauce softens it up and lets lots of sauce soak in. Pretty fucking tasty, as pan-Asian comfort food goes. Anyway, like we said, we could sit here all day arguing about everybody’s favorite spot for ordering scallion pancakes, or we could just HAVE THEM AT HOME. That’s right, the bountiful Spring Garden Market sells four-packs of them (just $2.99) in the refrigerated buns section. You can either fry them, bake them, or even pop them into the toaster. We recently did the latter and man was it good. Quick too. And if you want to get even cheaper and get your hands dirty to boot, you can make your own from scratch. There are tons of recipes online. But hey, it’s cool if you’re lazy too. Just pick up the phone and speed-dial your secret takeout paradise. We’re just giving you some options.

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