Condiment Kingdom: “Rooster Sauce”

rooster This stuff should need no introduction. As staple of pho joints and interesting eateries of all stripes, Huy Fong Foods‘ iconic Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce is delicious and yet so potent than only a few drops will often do the trick, spicing up meals from pizza (trust us here) to quesadillas to noodles to soup. As the company says: “Sriracha is made from sun ripen chilies which are ground into a smooth paste along with garlic and packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle. Available in 17 oz. and 28 oz. bottles.” Between the squeezeability, the strength, and that lovable cock (ahem), there’s no simply substitute. A 17-ounce bottle (just $2.49 if you go to the right place) should last months, unless you’re truly a full-fledged chili fiend. Either way, when it’s empty you can use it for something else; a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Pittsburgh has them in their bathrooms filled with hand soap. It keeps forever too; we’ve kept a bottle in our desk drawers for like a year, the way old-school journalists did with booze. So get thee to an Asian market, stock up, and add some zip and zing to literally everything you eat. Just make sure to tip your hat to the rooster.

  • sell

    >>vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Pittsburgh

    that’s the Quiet Storm, folks. great place to go when the lovely ‘burgh.

  • Jennie

    I call this stuff, cock sauce :)

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