South Philly Tap Room Transforms Menu, Reputation, And More, All While Looking To The Office For Advertising Tips

If you’ve ever walked past the requisite bar/restaurant in 30th Street Station — it’s called Bridgewater’s Pub, btw — and paused to ponder the appearance of yak or poutine on the chalkboard out front, you’ve been admiring the handiwork of exec chef Michael Zulli. Thing is, you’d have to be in 30th Street Station in the first place. Well now, in a promising turn of events, Zulli has taken over the struggling kitchen at the South Philadelphia Tap Room, where the vibe and beer has always been far better than the food, with the sole exception of the boar burrito. That dish may be gone, and the Tap Room’s website may still have their old menu posted, but you can peep the new one here. The dishes are soulfully freaky, from a bear-bacon BLT and ostrich kabobs to a blue cheese boar burger and scallop sliders. And yes, poutine, which is otherwise only available at Bridgewater’s and, uh, the Kildare’s in Headhouse Square. To celebrate this new phase, the Tap Room has dropped this here ad spoofing The Office into a full page of CP (and reportedly PW soon). It’s on their Myspace page too, so you know they mean business. As anyone who went to the Tap Room during their half-price Beer Week brunch can attest, the place had everything going for it but the food. Now? It just may be unstoppable. Deliciously unstoppable.

  • A. W.

    Really? The South Philly Taproom is better? I was just there the other night and it lived up once again to it’s mediocre nature. So-so food and really weird, bad service. There are at least three better places across Broad, so why bother?

  • Bear

    You are right on. The Taprooms new menu is incredible. I have tried at least 3 items that were all fantastic. The food has finally caught up to the beer! That other poster must be crazy. I guess he is referring to one of those new copy whatever the taproom does spots that have recently opened up. The taproom has evolved into the best gastro pub in the city. They always had the best beer, now they have the best food. As far as service goes, it has always been ok. Nothing to write home about but nothing to complain about either.

  • Gotsumoves

    I’ve dined on the new menu twice and both times have been disappointed. I still don’t get why on earth you would serve all sandwiches on english muffins. English muffins!? The SPTR is surrounded if not mobbed by great classic south philly italian bakeries that deliver fresh crusty bread every morning and they decide to serve your sandwiches on english muffins!? They would serve better as coasters or mini dog frisbees. The battered zucchini are way too big and sloppily done, looking more like big moon rocks. The frito pie is served in its own bag in an attempt to be creative. The cheese on the vegetarian chili was clumped together and not melted nearly enough. I described the new menu to my dining partner as trailer park gourmet. The dishes are inspired but the execution is heavy handed and lacks attention to detail. If i go to the SPTR again it will be for the beer and nothing else.

  • Chezyra

    I just read an article that this madman has been serving LION….what kind of a person is this? These creatures are the finest in the world and you would let him have them killed and fed to the wierd sorts that would opt to indulge in such heinous dining. NEVER will I enter this establishment! I need only the plant life to gain nourishment and it is a sweet dining knowing that I let the LIONS live. Cp

  • cheesesteak the impaler

    I guess your outrage didn’t get to the bottom of the article. SPTR isn’t serving (farm raised, not wild poached, so the lions in question wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a cook’s need) lion anymore.

    Didn’t Zot have some sort of lion dish on it’s “Flintstone’s Dinner” menu? Maybe they didn’t, but if you’re forming a grudge list … some of Philly’s more popular bars could use a little herd thinning so fall away.

    I’m a fan of SPTR Blue Pig (boar burger and boar bacon). At first I was a bit disappointed with the portion size, used to Philadelphia’s monstrous gastropub burgers, but the first bite was so rich and such a new flavor for me it could have sated my appetite for the entire weekend. Some of the other dishes I’ve had not so impressed. Shrimp had a not so fresh taste, and the ostrich or alligator skewers were bland. I’d recommend newcomers to stick to the sandwiches. They’ve all seemed right on.

  • el douche

    some of you vegan shits are just stupid. why not eat lion? just because you think its pretty? this stupid logic of rating the value of lifeforms going up the evolutionary ladder makes no sense. why get all up in arms about eating lions but not cows. if anything lions are more of a formidable opponent than a defenseless cow, so i say eat that bitch, as long as theyre not affecting the numbers in the wild. i used to be vegetarian for 8yrs. vegan for almost a year, and ive eaten raw diets for short periods of time. humans are made to eat small amounts of meat, if you compare our intestenal length to that of a dogs or a cows, youll see ours is right in the middle, also the amount of carnivore teeth to herbivore teeth is like the same as a chimp, witch eats small amounts of food in the wilderness. you people are brainwashed. put your energy into fighting bad modern farming practices, not something humans have done for millenia.

  • Mickey Goldmill

    This bar is such a fraudulent hipster wannabe place it is not even funny. If you don’t play in a band but like to comment on them… Tap Room is a great place for you. If you like paying too much for a chicken sandwich but like to call it a “wild boar burger”… try this crap-hole out. If you want to tell your friends you made out with a hot lady at the bar the other night, but she really looked like Howard Eskin… Head to the Tap Room.

  • Nitai

    Im sorry but # 6 you are a complete moron, if you were vegetarian or vegan, you would not have made the stupid comment, why dont “vegetarians get up in arms about eating cows not just lions” vegans/vegetarians believe in NOT eating any animals or animal byproducts, This world will never progress if we can’t stop the slaughtering and inhumane treatment of animals, who many are very intelligent creatures….and ALL have souls just like you and I. I have been vegetarian for 30 years and extremely healthy, just because humans have been eating animals for long periods of time, does NOT make it right! Humans have also been killing each other for time and memorial, so why dont you open your heart back up and realize what you may have at one time. Eating flesh, stool, blood and carcass is just plain gross.

  • rory

    how can we even know we have souls, let alone animals? we’re evolutionarily designed to be omnivores. #6 (his handle was el douche) idea about the hierarchy of animals is right–either you eat animals or you don’t. your moral comparison (killing each other vs. eating animals) is a false moral equivalency, the type of false equivalency that makes me crave more meat. And us omnivores don’t eat stool. jesus.

    christ, it’s self-righteousness like that that makes me want a bacon stuffed piece of veal slathered in foie gras covered with some poached quail egg with a side of sausage.

    be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, whatever. make a case for why others should follow you based on facts (like the environmental harm of meat production), fine. but this “soul” stuff (you might believe that–but you’re as likely to convince an omnivore of that as you are to convince a Palestinian refuge to convert to Judaism or vice versa) and false moral equivalency is the supreme level of condescension.


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