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Food Blob: Drink Up

· For the curious: It takes heavy psychedelics to get people to drink McDonald’s coffee in Sweden. Here, it just takes about 10 minutes of panhandling on the corner. And you say that freedom isn’t free. Pfft. [SeriousEats] · It’s 4pm on Friday, and you’re not drinking yet? Let our new blogcrush, the drink-recipe-heavy Sofa […]

How To: Get Your House Smellin’ Like Palace At The Ben

You know an Indian restaurant is some kinda contender when it’s able to take over the scent of nearly a whole city block in the most godly fashion possible. Sadly, this has been our sole experience of Palace At The Ben thus far, but not for long: Perusing the website alone reveals that this is […]

Dept. Of Lost Advertising: The Continental’s TV Commercial

Not sure if this ever aired — or even how old it is — but it would seem to have emanated from the days when A) you had to be hot, like SMOKIN’ hot, to work at The Continental and B) when drinking martinis was not overloaded with Carrie Bradshaw baggage and was, instead, edgy […]


The Best Thing We’ll Get To Type All Day: Rachel Ray Dunkin’ Donuts Terror Scarf Ad Causes Major Mishap

Was it just fantasy on our part or simply idle gossip, those rumors about Rachel Ray being, like, totally grossed out by Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the set of the ad she was doing for them, and instead demanding — DEMANDING! — Starbucks? We can’t remember, but either way, it probably wasn’t true, but rather, […]

Five Reasons You Cannot Help But Love The St. George Greek Festival

1. Its color scheme goes really, really well with the palate. 2. It’s hidden back in a little hamlet that is not quite the Gayborhood and not quite Wash West (see graphic), but if you happen to accidentally bike or stroll back there to the parking lot where it’s held, as I did one […]


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