More Ice Cream News: Bassetts/WHYY “Terry (Gross) Garcia” Ice Cream Flavor Coming Down The Pike?

bsWe know that headline makes no sense. But that is only because THE WORLD MAKES NO SENSE. Witness: After hooking up during the production of WHYY’s “The Philly Food Show” last year (view clips here), Bassetts and your local public television station have partnered to produce an, uhrm, WHYY-flavored ice cream. Which brings up more WHYY jokes than we can even get to here when pondering what channel 12 or 90.9FM might taste like. Dr. Dan Gottlieb’s Banana Coconut? Marty Pistachio Sugarcane? Terry Garcia? The mind wobbles. In any case, WHYY and Bassetts have paired down audience suggestions to five from whom the winner will be chosen at the end of this week. They are:

· Bassetts vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered pretzel pieces, and a ribbon of butterscotch.
· Bassetts chocolate ice cream with a ripple of raspberry puree and chocolate chips.
· Bassetts vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and crunchy toffee pieces.
· Bassetts chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl and strawberries.
· Bassetts vanilla ice cream swirled with a ribbon of sweet blueberries.

You can vote for them here, through Sunday night; the winner will be revealed at a ceremony next month at Reading Terminal Market. But personally, we’re holding out for Patrick Stoner Crunch.
WHYY: You Bet Your Garden Chocolate Swirl

  • jenoo

    That reminds me of the only dialog worth repeating from Desperate Housewives: Edie, referring to her non-affair with Orson: “That would be like having sex with PBS.”

  • ds

    go try the rosemary goat cheese ice cream at Ugly American.

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