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This Guy Says We’re “Future-thinkers”

It’s always a bit harrowing when Baltimore lauds Philadelphia because, God love ‘em, they’re a mess, and we know from messes. But we like Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks’s column today about re-localizing farming. Hanging his column around something called the Philadelphia Foodshed Study being conducted by Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, Rodricks makes (or […]

The Once-Over: University City Dining Days at Marigold Kitchen

I’ve been itching to check out Marigold Kitchen since I read about the chef change in December, but the two times I went to make brunch reservations I couldn’t get a table until 2:30 in the afternoon, which we all know is nap time. So when University City Dining Days came around I booked a […]

Sweet Pea: Nourishment For The Body And Soul

While there are many reasons we got into the food blogging business, one of our favorite parts of this job is finding new faces in the food business dedicated to their craft. When one of these new faces is also a hottie who aims to help connect farmer and consumer, we go a little gaga […]


Summertime Rejoices: Beat Grill Cancer

We’ve always been big fans of science and food, but when science comes along and proves that adding more flavor to food can actually make it healthier to eat, even we stand in appreciation. Well, that’s just what researchers at Kansas State University attempted to prove with their work on meat marinades. In layman’s terms, […]

This Just In: Jose Garces Iron Chef Date Announced

Maybe you’ve heard of Chef Jose Garces, the force behind the recently opened Distrito and a constant name in our Google news feed. Chef Garces was recently announced as Philadelphia’s first chef entrant into Food Network’s “Kitchen Stadium“, where he will compete on Iron Chef America against Food Network pretty boy Bobby Flay on Sunday, […]


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