Dept. Of Meta-Blogging: News About Twenty Manning Sneaks Into Philebrity Horoscope

20manningPersonally, we’ve been fans of Twenty Manning, the sister restaurant of Audrey Claire, for years now. As date restaurants go, it’s at just the right level of fancy and schmancy — it’s kind of expensive but not in a presumptuous way, nice wine selection, great staff/service, always some kind of deep, decadent red meat on the menu, and if you can’t get laid after taking someone to a meal here, it just probably isn’t gonna happen, pal. But we also know that people graft every kind of spiritual badness onto the denizens of Rittenhouse, and in today’s Philebrity Horoscope by Loren Hunt, Twenty Manning would seem to bear the brunt:

TAURUS: This week finds you stewing in your annoyance with a whole bunch of unrelated trivialities. For example, Twenty Manning down the street has just put in some kind of sidewalk misting system attached to the awning, covering their sidewalk tables. The result of this is that the al fresco diners are surrounded by lovely jets of superfine, dry-ice-machine style fog that may or may not help keep them cooler as they hog the entire sidewalk with their seared tuna, pomegranate martinis, and overstuffed senses of entitlement. The other result of this is that people using the sidewalk for its intended purpose, namely, walking down the street minding their own fucking business, are forced to walk directly through it. Is this new super-bourgie sidewalk dining feature hurting or even really inconveniencing anyone? Nah. Does it foster an even higher degree of preexisting knee-jerk resentment for the people eating there, making Twenty Manning an Official Asshole Establishment of sorts? You tell me, Taurus. In fact, tell everyone about it. That’s the kind of mood you’re in this week.

So it’s not great for Tauruses, this week. We’re still fans. And truth be told, we like the mist thing. Even if it is bad for iPhones. Now, another Heineken, please!
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