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Opening Night: Bistrot La Minette

Collin Flatt couldn’t be happier to welcome another bistro into the madness, but does it have the potential to win in a suddenly competitive French environment? Plenty more after the jump.

Keith Wallace Defends Marnie Old, World Implodes

As we recently discussed, Marnie Old is dealing with a rather large black eye regarding her protest of the launch of Union Trust, the ubersteakhouse opening on 7th and Chestnut. Based on comments here and on other food-related sites, apparently Ms. Old has almost as large a list of detractors as well-wishers. Today, though, support for Marnie came […]

Sal’s On 12th Closed, Reimagined As Woof

We don’t know what to say. We had great times at Sal’s, drank a lot of crappy beer and danced with like hookers on blow. We know all good things must come to an end, and in it’s place arrives the Sexiest Bear Bar in Philly. This might still be Sal’s, now that we think about it. Stay […]


Something Old, Something New: Porcini

Collin Flatt visits the second oldest BYOB in the city and finds out how they keep on keepin’ on. Pics and words after the jump.

The Breakfast Of A Champion

We were lucky enough to duck into Tinto last night as they were wrapping up their amazing Basque dinner. We ran into Phoodie Friend/Superfly Bar Manager Paul Rodriguez, who poured us a little too much Sagardo. A tasty treat, it had cool pear flavors on the front, a snap of leather across the middle, and finished with green […]


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