Food Fighter: Xiao Long Bao

Our latest feature, Food Fighter, is sure to start some real brawlin’ among our readers. We take a signature dish from two different restaurants and square them off Capcomstyle. You pick the winner. And yes, we know that there will be restaurants left off the tussle, but that’s not what this is about. Mano-a-mano, dish vs. dish.

In ourĀ debut, we present the ubiquitous Shanghai specialty, Xiao Long Bao, also known as Steamed Juicy Buns (yes, there’s a softball for ya). Many claim to have the best, but scuttlebutt says it’s Dim Sum Garden vs. Zhi Wei Gua. ROUND 1. FIGHT!

  • upma

    Where is Zhi Wei Gua? I’ve only had the dumplings at Dim Sum Garden, they sure were tasty!

  • phil

    Zhi Wei Guan (with an N at the end) is at 925 Race.

    Oh, and if we’re voting via comments, I’m casting my ballot for ZWG. Even though I really like Dim Sum Garden…

  • Phoodie

    They are both good and you wont go wrong either way, though I prefer the dumplings at Dim Sum Garden a touch more.

  • stearmami

    Thanks the author!

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