Condiment Kingdom: Mermaid BBQ Sauce

When BBQ season kicked off, we made sure you were doing it right. Now that it’s ending, you become reflective and wonder where the time went. There were at least 14 sunny days that you didn’t grill. You tell yourself you’ll do better next year. All’s not lost, son, we’re here to help

We suggest you buy yourself a big jar of Mermaid BBQ Sauce, handmade right here in Philly proper. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and feckin’ awesome. Grillmaster Scott, the mastermind behind Mermaid, is an enigmatic and affable gent. He also soundly beat everyone’s ass at the NoLibs Rib Cook Off last Saturday. HARD. His ribs were perfect in all three categories (appearance, taste, and tenderness/consistency) and he brought his own sauce. To SELL. Confidence is making people pay for shit you’re already giving away free. Needless to say, there’s a huge jar of it sitting in our fridge. We’ve put it on everything. If you want to purchase the fishtailed lass, email the man: mermaidbbq [at] gmail [dot] com.

Scott may not be able to recreate the smell of burning flesh during those cold winter months, but the taste of Mermaid will keep your tastebuds in the right place until Spring. They’re BIG jars, with a paper label featuring the sexy siren taped to the glass. They’ll last ’til Thanksgiving, and there’s nothing better than BBQ Turkey and stuffing.

  • seedubbleyou

    Mermaid BBQ rocked the NoLibs Riboff for real.

  • dubdaze

    I can honestly say, I covet my jar. I have not found a meat or other substance that this sauce doesn’t make better. Heck, even on the George Foreman my place is filled with the smokey sweetness that this sauce exudes. Get on it.

  • kbird

    I love Mermaid BBQ sauce so much that one time after eating almost an entire jar of it in one sitting, I was feeling so euphoric that I took my second jar (I always keep an extra jar handy in case of emergencies)and covered it all over my naked body and ran through the streets of my neighborhood in broad daylight in an attempt to cook the scent and taste of the sauce into my body. Mermaid BBQ sauce is the ONLY sauce

  • cheesesteak the impaler

    Wow, from kbird’s endorsement, I’m guessing this sauce’s secret ingredient is khat extract.

    Seriously, I got to add this to my sauce collection.

  • Sarahfax

    I love this stuff. I’ve put it on meat, pasta, and even in soup. It really does go on everything and makes it better – smoky and sweet with the perfect bite. When I make pulled pork, it is understood that I will be serving it with the Mermaid. I think this is why 19 people showed up the last time I made it. The word has spread about the sauce, the multitudes clamor for the Mermaid. You won’t regret trying it – in fact, you will probably embrace your newfound sauce-conversion weeping tears of joy. The Mermaid is a beautiful thing.

  • steven

    Best ribs I’ve ever had.. I hope they come back next year! Can you buy this stuff in a store, or direct only?

  • SliceDaddy

    Got a jar and a half at home, pulled pork is my favorite with Mermaid BBQ. Also use it to spice up fast food. Tell Arby’s to hold the sauce and add your own Mermaid. Burger King cheeseburgers plain with Mermaid are pretty awesome too.

  • Beeb

    I often put this wonderful sauce on grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, it’s so good it works on GRILLED CHEESE. Let’s see some other BBQ sauce do that.

    Not that it matters since well Mermaid Sauce might as well be boners for tastebuds in a bottle and all other sauces are just blueballing you from obtaining pure flavor of Mermaids B)


  • slosh

    oh thank god, I wouldn’t want to put something that’s not vegan friendly on my giant freakin slab of pig.

  • joe


  • steven

    just received mine in the mail.. I can honestly say I will be purchasing again from scott in the very near future.. this stuff is amazing- anyone who likes good BBQ food should get on this stuff fast!

  • highmizzle

    Add some to your bloody mary mix as well. It gives you’re morning alcohol saturated salad that special
    Hammerpants touch.

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