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What, No Pork Soda?

Collin Flatt was excited to celebrate Cochon’s 1st Birthday with their ‘All Pork Menu’. He left his favorite BYOB confused and distraught. Lots more after the jump.

Stephen Starr On Top Chef Season 5

The Man Who’s Name We Need Not Mention will appear on Bravo’s Top Chef this season, which begins on November 12th. He will be a guest judge during the Restaurant Wars episode, which is usually one of the season’s highlights. Usually. We imagine it might lose a little luster with Your Highness’ Countenance, but he […]

New Can Grip Will Allow You To Finally Raise Your PBR Like A Proper Viking

Unless, of course, you’re rocking a pounder. In which case, your Beer Viking status is already pronounced. CanGrip: It Really Can Grip [via BallerHouse]


You Put De’ Wine In De’ Coconut, And Drink Em’ Both Up

The drunktastic Rum Bar is having a special wine dinner Wednesday, November 5th to celebrate their new all-South American grape juice listings. Don’t get it twisted: South American wine is no joke. We’d sooner roll the dice on a value-priced bottle from Chile or Argentina than anywhere else in the world. They’re a developing wine region with limited international […]

catFood: American As Apple Cake

Recipe vixen Cat Santamauro accepts fall into her heart and oven with an Apple Cake ditty that’ll keep you warm during a frosty, rain-delayed Game 5.


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