Yay Or Nay: The Wawa Gobbler

gobblerWhen we casually mentioned The Wawa Gobbler in a comment on Philebrity last week, we were instantly hit with further comments, IMs and emails, begging us to road test this sandwich as soon as possible. So today, craving a spot of rainy-day comfort, we did. The Wawa Gobbler, of course, is part of Wawa’s Thanksgiving-ramp-up lunch promotion — they’re also promoting a hot turkey sandwich and grossbowl, the latter of which we’re not getting anywhere near, just because of our general aversion to the fast-food-bowl trend. The Gobbler, however, is a comfort sandwich foodies have been slapping together for ages: hot turkey, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Think of that, at your favorite Jones-type location; now, slap it on a Shorti roll. Appetizing, or disgusting? We “experimented” with one at lunch today, and, with everything we know about “good” food to the contrary, we have to say, it hit us in a soulful place. A peaceful place. A place that ultimately wanted us to spark up a doob and take a nap. Gobble gobble.

Final Judgement: YAY.

  • http://foobooz.com/ Art

    Big fan of the Wawa Gobbler. But turbocharge that jawn and add bacon. The smoked crunch completes the sandwich, making it my favorite on the touchscreen.

  • http://frieswiththatshake.wordpress.com jess

    I really enjoyed this thing as well. The suggestion above about adding bacon is genius.

  • Mary

    Ah yes, the Thanksgiving sandwich. Much as I love The Wawa, you can’t improve upon Capriotti’s in the First State, whose “Bobbie” is a delicious, fatty and utterly Delawarean tribute to Turkey Day. It’s amazing.

  • http://www.cheesesteakguru.com Cunny

    I’ve long been a fan of the turkey/stuffing/cranberry combo. Since i was a kid, making it on my own from thanksgiving leftovers.

    My favorite ever version of this sandwich, at Capriottis in West Chester.


    The only issue i Have with the Wawa version? Too much gravy. It soaks the role and ruins the true feel. Turkey’s not quite off the bone either, so the old bassets/original turkey places usually do a better job.

    But it’s still a thumbs up. Will try the bacon version as we get closer to the holiday.

  • Drew Shwarz

    As if none of us were going to get our fill of this exact sandwich post-thanksgiving, it has to be offered the days/weeks leading up to thanksgiving. You say genius? I say monotony. Being that I will be eating turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce for the latter part of November and the first half of December, I think it would be “genius” to offer something as far away from traditional T-giving as possible….chew on that…Gobble Gobble

  • JW

    This is the greatest invention since the pizza.

  • AK

    when is wawa going to start sellling the gobblers again

  • chatombreux

    Well, I’m six years late, but I LOVE these!! I also love the bowls, too, but only the stuffing bowls, not the ones with potatoes.

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