Phoodie Confidential: We’ll Be Drinking Homemade Bourbon And Wii Bowling At The Institute

After last weeks big-up to the Pro-Tap, we’ve been spending much more time in the Nameless Neighborhood (we don’t like Loft District or Spring Garden, but would be partial to a Prince-like symbol if we could vote on it) looking for places to love. We found ourselves at The Institute at 12th and Green, just steps from Mad Decent’s Mausoleum. They’re a work in progress with an already stellar beer list known as ‘The Big Fucking Beer Atlas’. Current bottle faves there are Founders Backwoods Bastard and Dragon’s Milk. Oh, and while you’re getting drunk off craft beer, The Institute has paid for an extended PLCB license so they can distill their own bourbon in-house. Look for it in 2009, along with a menu highlighting the flavors of Puerto Rico.

What we’re REALLY stoked for, though, is the upstairs lounge which promises to be the most unique barspace in town. Slated for completion by New Year’s Eve, owners Carlos and Heather Collazo have built highbacked booths lining both walls of the room, creating a sense of table privacy that all lead to a dancefloor in the front of the house. The DJ booth is raised above the crowd and looks like a podium out of a Star Trek epsiode, but kept rustic and constructed of wood. Installed into each booth will be a Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports. We imagine these cozy seats will be coveted like none other in town, so check back with us on a definitive launch date.

Just when Philadelphia has squeezed the hotness out of every seemingly unhot corner of the grid, we’ve found a new one. With the opening of Prohibition Taproom and The Institute, this neighborhood is shaping into yet another place to hide from suburbanites and the Dirty Jerz. You can never have too many.

The Institute, 12th and Green Sts.

  • Art

    According to neighborhoodbase, the neighborhood is Poplar. That’s a name I’m down with, stately, historical and not gimmicky.

  • cheesesteak the impaler

    I could buy into Poplar, so to speak. Doesn’t it take 2 years to even make way bottom of the shelf bourbon? Or do you need a permit for a bar/resto to do the sort of homemade infusions and flavored spirits that seem to be a bar/resto/my house trend?

  • Wipes

    this sounds stupid. probably a bunch of dudes wearing their sister’s jeans in needs of a haircut. and you are probably from the dirty jerz who just stayed here after temple. go back please.

  • tips

    @Wipes: Bold first comment, saltyballz.

  • CEF

    Have you been to this neighborhood? Not exactly what I would call hipster-friendly, Wipey. And if homemade bourbon and Wii bowling sounds stupid to you, we’re sure there’s a spot for you at Finnegan’s or the Public House, brah.

  • Wipes

    I would never go to a place like finnegan’s or public house, i just don’t need the gimmick of nintendo wii to get me to go to a bar. and once you start to give a section of the city a name it didn’t start with, it’s becoming a hipster haven. that is unless you are a realtor, then it’s totally to get some coin in this jacked up world.

  • ghostrocket

    @wipes what did wii ever do to you? where do you like to hang then? please enlighten us.

  • Ben

    I used to work at 11th & Callow Hill, and the diner across the street (not trendy whatsoever) called this neighborhood NoVi — north of Vine. Kind of absurd, but possibly legitimate. Not sure if it would be appropriate for areas north of Spring Garde, though.

  • Fox

    I’ve lived next to mad river for two years and come from jersey originally. That crowd is not fun. The wii is a litre gimmicky though. It also isn’t bourbon unless it’s aged for at least a couple of years in new charred oak barrels. The wait will be long.

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