All-You-Can-Tiffin for $8.50

Lost in all the Ektalove is our old flame Tiffin. Sure, she’s not as new as her younger sibling, but the brilliant minds behind The Big ‘E’ got their starts at Tiffin. Truth be told, you can never have too many good Indian spots in one city.

As the winter bears down upon us with schizophrenic weather patterns, our need for brunch stays constant. Tiffin is offering All You Can Eat Brunch starting December 20th for a whopping $8.50. And this is table-side service, son. Buffet has it’s place, but not within the walls of Tiffin. As always, they’re hardcore BYO, which means get the bubbly and waste your day. They will offer brunch on both Saturday and Sunday, but only at their NoLibs outpost. Sorry, Mt. Airyans.

Included dishes are as follows: Indian specialty entrees, appetizers, tandoori grilled kebabs, chutneys, rice and fresh breads, and desserts. We can feel the naan and parantha, can’t you?

Tiffin, 710 W. Girard Ave. 215.922.1297

  • Guadalupe

    went to tiffin on sunday for brunch, and i was totally stoked about it. pretty meh. it was absolutely a buffet, and it seemed like it was leftovers that no one ordered otherwise over the weekend. no greatest hits here – no saag anything, no tikka masala. and no music playing either, which totally freaked me out to the max. not a great rebuttal for whose cuisine reigns supreme in the girard indian battle.

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