Azul Cantina Closing?

Scuttlebutt round these parts is laying some sad news on us this morning. Phoodie drinkfave Azul Cantina seems to be closing or re-tooling in the short order. Valanni headman George Anni is apparently purchasing Azul from friend and colleague George Markakis, and will be reimagining the restaurant. We hear that a ten-tap beer system is going to be installed, which points to some local craft brew happiness. Azul will be closed for a couple of weeks during renovations, but we don’t know if the name is staying or not.

With the recent departure of mixologist Matt McHale and Chef Jesse Vega, there were rumblings something might be going down. We will sorely miss the Strawberry Menta if this news is legit. Azul was a spot the neighborhood needed, and Markakis put together a restaurant we loved. But the crew at Valanni has developed more than a few restaurants we also get behind (Mercato), so we’re keeping our hopes up for 2009.

  • Matthew Vlahos

    I’m the publicist for Valanni and Mercato — and, as of this week, Azul Cantina. George Anni, and Chef R. Evan Turney, are still exploring options for restaurant (their third together on Spruce Street). But no matter what, rest assured it will remain a neighborhood bar. And in the meantime, the margaritas, tequilas and beer on tap that we all so love, will remain.

  • 10th Street Denizen

    Kanella across the street seems to be doing fine (had a nice lunch there today as a matter of fact) Always enjoyed Azul, sad to see it go, but very happy to see the place in the capable hands of the Valanni crew – they’ve got a good thing going with that end of Spruce and look forward to this summer in the open air ’round this end.

  • bobby fardella

    yeah we actually tried to brunch at azul yesterday and found it closed, so i got worried – since we’d been liquid-brunching there very often this year. But I love valanni and mercato so i’m excited to see what they can do there. as long as the margarita menu stays, i’m happy ;)

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