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Love and Bivalves: A Match Made In London (Grill)

Yards Brewing Company is going to be at London Grill on February 12th to host a pairing of their Love Stout and oysters. Yards owner Tom Kehoe will be there to regale attendees not only of the finer points of the roasty ale but also of his “carny past,” whatever that means. According to Steven […]

Philly Chefs Ask: Will Youze Be My Valentine?

All you need is love. But lovin’ can be so much sweeter when catered by Philly’s finest. Valentine’s Day may still be a couple weeks away but it always is…or at least was before this recession ugliness…a great excuse to fix your hair and go be pampered by lush menus built for two. If faulty […]

If You Don’t Know, You Better Know: Matthew Zagorski Is The New ‘Soup Nazi’

So, we recently sat down and lamented our lack of a true soup auteur in the city limits. There are definitely good bowls to be had in various spots around town, but we never felt anyone suffered for their liquid wares. That all changed after a Recession Lunch (2 courses for $16) at Rouge. We found our new Soup-er Friend, Chef Matthew […]


Video: Adam Gertler Dishes’s Collin Flatt sat down to talk with Philly native Adam Gertler about his new show on the Food Network, Will Work For Food. In this freewheeling discussion, Gertler touches on his new show, the restaurant scene in Philly, his old BBQ spot The Smoked Joint, and how he’d totally house Stephen Starr in a […]

Food Trend We Are All About: Pre-Hispanic

Click here to view as PDF. We’ve been hearing great things about Xochitl for too long without showing up there: How cute the bartenders are, how delightful yet relatively inexpensive the food is, and so on, but this pretty much cinches it for us: From March 17 to March 21, in honor of Mexico’s most […]


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