Brasserie Perrier Closes, Phoodie Staff Admits We Forgot It Was Still Open Anyway

Philebrity and hardcore assface Georges Perrier closed down Brasserie Perrier on New Year’s eve, alerting the staff 15 minutes before the end of their shift. While this may be the right thing to do from a business standpoint, as some restaurants have had pasta machines walk out with scheming employees, that’s quite a holiday gift for people who break their backs nightly in this shithole economy.

On the flip side, we got rid of a hefty amount of expense account sidewalk diners that stare down H&M bag-toting shoppers and overpay for Le Bec-Fin Lite. Apparently being Zagat Rated and advertising in Main Line Times doesn’t bring crowds the way it used to. Your little dog is not cute eating from your dish, sweetie. But fear not my snooty friends, as you can always visit his Wayne outpost which is still alive and kicking. For now.

  • Rse

    This post is reverse snob elitism. The mentality is; I’m cool, I diss the nice upscale places. See, I make fun of people! that makes me cool! See, I use funny curse words like assface!

  • CEF

    @Rse – I would never call Brasserie Perrier ‘nice upscale’. Chef Perrier is a curmudgeon and he overprices all of his restaurants. And you’re totally right…places like Zahav and Amada are nowhere near upscale. ;-)

    Branch out a little bit more in terms of your culinary adventures and avoid a restaurant that has no identity other than the clientele.

  • mike

    I will miss BP. They had a really good hamburger, and the Saturday afternoon bartender was really nice. Plus, they served lunch on Saturday.

  • RSE

    CEF, you should go after the corporate junk places that are taking over the city and have a rally cry for the good homegrown places. It seems like your complaint is the customers and not the restaurant. Where as you prefer places where the clientel look and dress like and think they are cool because they ate a restaurant that opened 6 weeks ago. is that it?

  • CEF

    We agree that the corporate trash is the buggest blight on the city, as I noted an honorable mention in my biggest disappointments of the year.

    And, no BP actually suffers from the opposite problem.When first opened, they had consistently solid offerings. Because they have continued to get the same clients for years while still letting the food slip is the issue. Hell, some restaurants that have opened 1 month ago are often terrible, it really has nothing to do with the timeframe.

    Many chefs in this city get their reviews, and slide by on rep for awhile. I feel as though BP was never forced to update its menu or even keep what used to be good food held to that original standard because the same people kept coming in. Those people were the ones that wanted to be ‘seen’ to ‘look cool’ as you put it, spread across Walnut Street. Some of the absolute best places in the city are hidden from the bright lights, with the food itself being the only interest of the customers. That was not the case of the now defunct BP.

    Everything we push is homegrown here. Chef Ripert, one of my favorites, completely disappointed me with a mediocre eatery. Yet Philly guys Johnny Mac, Jose Garces, The Turney’s, etc. consistently open great places to eat.

  • eaglesnumberONE

    BP updated their menu all the time, and if you could get past the clientele the food was great until maybe the last 9 months. the staff was stripped down to almost nothing, all the best people went to Table 31.

    nature of the business these days, people want new restaurants not more of the same, besides what would bloggers write about if there wasn’t 75 new restaurants in Philly every week?

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