Last Chance To Nominate Philly’s Best “Onesie”

number11.jpgYeah, that presidential election was kinda interesting, but this is undeniable. We’re reaching out for your votes for the best Onesie in Philly. “What is a Onesie?,” you ask? Well, we’re defining it as an eatery that basically serves only one thing. It can’t be a cart, truck, or car-trunk, and it can’t be a major chain. There’s been some hot, garlicky debate over whether Maoz should be allowed on the list in light of the aformentioned rule. It is indeed a chain, but there are only 3 others in the country and we’re claiming it as a South Street institution and our own. Your input on this matter will be considered. It’s acceptable if your pick serves more than one thing, most do. It is a requirement, however, that it is well-known exclusively for one food, all the better if that food is in the name of the joint. Them’s the rules folks.

Below you’ll see the current list comprised of our initial selections and the suggestions from our commentors. Got another? Get it in the comments by Monday morning, and we’ll include it in our very scientific poll.

Pho 75 · Taconelli’s · John’s Water Ice · Charlie’s Burgers · Swallow · Lorenzo’s Pizza · Nick’s Roast Beef · Jim’s Steaks · Amish Pretzel Stand at Reading Terminal · O Sandwiches · Primo’s Hoagies Sarcone’s Deli · Maoz · The Crepe Guy ·  La Rosa Pizza

Let’s do this, Philadelphia.

  • jen

    what’s that pizza place out in kensington where you have to reserve your dough? i’ve never been there but people seem to go nuts over it.

  • me

    shank’s and evelyn’s at 10th & carpenter for their potato, egg and cheese sandwich (now served all day!)

  • TC

    Jen – that’s Taconelli’s. Good pizza.

    I’m curious, does the Tom Jones Diner out in Brookhaven count? I mean, sure, they serve a lot of stuff there, full menu, but I’ve never known anyone to order anything but the Blue Ribbon Special. The Blue Ribbon, of course, isn’t exactly “good”, but what it certainly is astonishingly cheap.

  • Dave Jackson

    Sarcone’s Deli is the BEST!

  • rich

    mcnally’s in chestnut hill and their glorious schmitter should def be included.

  • rizzo

    Steaks On South, their steaks are slammin and are made to order. They are on South St between 3rd and 4th

  • sophi

    Pho Hao

  • jeno

    philadelphia pretzel company soft pretzels. bassett’s turkey (the one in reading terminal). isgro pastries. olympic gyro.

    do sushi places count? they mostly serve one thing.

  • Andy

    Sketch Burger seems to apply.

  • Anthony

    THE RIB STAND in Reading Terminal – the best.

  • Kate

    SliCE (or however they half-capitalize it) on 10th! Just pizza but they may be branching out to calzones.

  • Bluehensfan

    DiNic’s at Reading Terminal for the pork. Or how about Capogiro?

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