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Reminder: Please Weigh In On The Great Bagel Debate

It’s really beginning to heat up in there, and we’d love to hear what you have to think about the city’s best (and worst) bagels.

Mid-Day Sonic Run Provokes The Horrifying Question: Are The Meat Sweats Real?

We just got back from an impromptu expedition to the closest Sonic to Center City that could find. That’s our friend Beto at right, with the Sonic Coney Island Hotdog. Thank your lucky stars that we didn’t take a close-up — it was total “This Is Why You’re Fat” material. Anyway, as always happens on […]

Kanella: The 37th Greatest Breakfast In America

Esquire, that fading captain of men’s magazinery, did another one of those list jawns specifically intended to get lots of blogs in “major markets” to link to them. And, guess what: It worked. (It always works.) For what kind of people would we be if we did not share this moment of rejoicing with the […]


Local 44 To Host Russian River Brewing Afternoon During Beer Week

Hot off the presses came this nugget of insanity. If you drink lots of beer and don’t know who Russian River Brewing is, we welcome you back to reality today. That bright star in the sky is the sun, my hibernating friend. And that sun has smiled upon us in a BIG way today. Spanky […]

Delivery Of The Gods: Asia @ Cafe

Like all food psychos, we love finding that one hidden gem, that special place where the food just tastes better, the menu is a little more adventurous, and no one else knows about it yet. Then we arm wrestle at the HQ about whether or not we let the city in on the deets. We’re […]


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