Mac N Cheese, Free Beer, Stop Me When I Start Saying Words That Displease You


Fact: When NoLibs’ Swallow went to an all-macaroni-and-cheese menu — NOT a typo, folks — back before the holidays, we took the entire staff there for lunch one day. And lo, it was good: Rich, deeply satisfying cheese combos, prepared with mac, made to order, both off of a menu or build-yr-own, came out to the table in generous portions and were shared, consumed, decimated, and napped upon later that day in the office as visions of gruyere mac danced in our heads. Another fact: The whole outing cost $44 — including tip. We mention it because the mirage just got awesomer: Swallow is now offering free beer with the purchase of any mac and cheese. Free beer. Just saying it feels good, doesn’t it?

Swallow, 1030 N American St. (215) 238-1399

  • annie heckenberger

    I love Swallow. I hope they do well.

  • Rebecca

    Just FYI– the free beer comes with a LARGE mac & cheese. Nonetheless, awesome.

  • Marty B.

    Not to crap on anyone’s parade, but was this “free beer” news confirmed. Does Swallow normally have beer, or even a liquor license? I saw the “free beer” thing on a bulletin board too, but I thought someone was messing with the biz, like the guy who claimed a Deli called “Spitz” was opening across the walk. Seems kinda weird to not even mention what their free beer is, right?

  • Felicia

    @ Marty B.

    Restaurants that lack a liquor license may not sell alcohol, but they are free to give it away. Swallow can gift patrons with beer, tequila or bathtub gin if they are of legal age.

  • Marty B.

    @Felicia, thanks for clarifying that; but I was more skeptical bec. the board I 1st read the “free beer” announcement on has a rep for bogus/hoax promotions. Two food bloggers make things true though, right? At least enough to take your word for it and finally check Swallow’s new comfort menu out.

  • tips

    Thanks Felicia!

  • tarynpaper

    do they have any vegan mac and cheese, aka mac and chreese? bc then ill be ALL OVER this place

  • Lara

    It’s on their website on the “Welcome” page.
    I’ve been wanting to go back for the Mexican Mac & Cheese. Yum!
    The cornbread is good too.
    No vegan as far as I know, but I’m sure they’d be open to suggestions.

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