Philly Beer School: Not Just For Wine Anymore

The brilliant, irreverent, and just plain awesome crew who brought you The Wine School of Philadelphia wants to educate you on some brew. PBC Brewmaster Dean Browne will be taking the helm as the face of the new Beer School. We love Dean. If you haven’t sampled his wares (and really, are there any of you left out there?), the newest release Joe is really special.

With the explosion in our local craft beer movement, the timing of this couldn’t be better. Professor Browne will take you on a journey that digs deep into the history and flavors of beer, as well as highlighting the specialĀ suds from the winemaking regions around the world. The school will be offering a Beer Diploma, but the details are just beginning to emerge. Classes begin in March, but you can sign up today. With very limited seating, Beer School looks to be sold out fast. Now go get to learnin’.

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