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Truffle Hunting With Phoodie

In the world of super ingredients, The Truffle wears the crown. For the more common black truffle, prices weigh in around $380 per pound, but the white version of this fabulous fungi will set you back $1,000 for the same amount. Many attempts have been made to cultivate the little lady, but none have worked. […]

You Wish You Had This Dish: Bar Ferdinand’s Gambas Y Cangrego

You know, what with Jose Garces dominating so much of the tapas and tapas-fusion market in Philly these days, sometimes it’s easy to forget about Owen Kamihira‘s Bar Ferdinand, a less expensive outing than, say, Amada, but often, no less elegant or delicious. We popped in on a whim last week and, among other things, […]

How To Lose The Steak Wars: Not Paying Union Contractors Millions Is One Sure Way To Do It

All last week, we’d been hearing tell of an email circulating from a disgruntled local union employee to friends and certain members of local press, containing a fairly stunning charge: That the ownership behind Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse at 15th and Chestnut had stiffed union contractors to the tune of millions after the steakhouse […]


Sour Batch Kids

One of our very first gateway beers into the realm of American craft brewing was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It seems a lot of folks had the same enlightenmnet with the same bottle, and for good reason. That was 12 years ago for us, and still today a bottle of the Nevada tastes oh so […]

Firkin A! Memphis Taproom Will Tap a Firkin of 75 Minute IPA

This Thursday at 7:50PM sharp, join Memphis Taproom in tapping a firkin of the 75 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head. How awesome of a custom is it to launch a brew at the hour identical to its boil time? Located somewhere between the 60 Minute and the 90 Minute IPAs, this special firkin holds a […]


O HAY-IM! Celebrate Passover At Alison Two And Zahav

In case you didn’t get that, that’s “O hai!” and “Lekhayim!” put together. Passover is around the corner, and your schedule is way too meshugeh to host your own dinner. Well, if you mosey on over to Fort Washington to Alison Two or Philly’s modern Israeli restaurant/Phoodie Magafave Zahav, you can esen mitik (that’s Yiddish […]

Local Breweries Ready To Mac Off At The POPE

In a late night drunken discussion regarding comfort food during Beer Week, a challenge was laid down. ‘My Mac and Cheese will own yours.’ was the sentiment. Curses were spewed like fire, and folks almost came to blows. Stop by the P.O.P.E. on April 1st at 6PM to see your favorite local breweries bring the Mac with […]

These Donuts Were Made With LOVE

Last week Dunkin’ Donuts announced “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” online contest. Customers can go to Dunkin’s website and build a donut to their liking. Chocolate jelly filled donut with Reese’s Pieces on top? Sure! Not only do the virtual donuts make you super hungry, but there is a chance that your original donut design could […]

New York Bagels Not Just For New Yorkers

Nestled quietly in a strip mall off of Haverford Avenue, your lusting, carbohydrate-seeking eyes can find a heavyweight contender in Phoodie’s Great Bagel Debate: New York Bagels. This no-nonsense, get-it-and-get-out bagel shop has long been a staple in many knowing phoodies routines and now, just because we like you so much, we’re introducing it to […]

Jose And Mike thisclose To Being A Beard

We’re gonna be honest here. We’ve been masquerading as The Beard Foundation all year. How else can we explain the recently released list of finalists that include Phoodie Person Of The Year Jose Garces as Best Chef, Mid-Atlantic, and Zahav’s Mike Solomonov a finalist for the Rising Star Award, who just happens to helm our Restaurant […]

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