How To: Make Rainbow Cakes, ‘Cos Funfetti Ain’t Got Shit On This!

That’s not so say that funfetti doesn’t brighten up an otherwise rainy Monday gloomfest,\. but for heaven’s sake, we challenge you to find a more cheerful confection. The best part is that we have the recipe and we’re sharing it with you now. If we band together, Philadelphia, we can make this gray city a lil’ brighter just one cake at a time. It’s not that difficult, and just imagine the heartwarming memories that baking rainbow cakes with your bf/gf/child/roomie can provide; dabbing a lil’ cake batter on their nose just so, playful flour fights, or even mixing colorful cake batter a la Ghost. Ahem. Anyway, we dug around and this seems to be the best way to go about it. Be it from a box or scratch, the same concept applies, just try to keep the original batter as white as possible so the unnatural coloring is as radiant as possible.

  • You’re going to need a package of food coloring, cake in its batter form, a cake pan for every layer you intend to make and definitely an oven.
  • Decide which color you want as the base of that particular cake layer and dedicate around 2/3 of each layers’ batter to this. This will make for the trippiest-looking results.
  • From there, split the remaining batter into five other colors, making sure to dedicate extra batter for the bottoms of your other layers.
  • Dollop your base layer into the center of your cake pan in a kind of circular batter puddle. Pour the other colors into the center of the base puddle, making a kind of bulls-eye of concentric batter circles.
  • From here, bake it as you would any other boring single colored cake.
  • If you are going for a layer cake, (which you totally should since you’re going through all of that effort anyway) consider going in reverse order of your previous layer to maximize prettiness. The same concept can also be applied to cupcakes, minus the layers of course.
  • Be it for Spring, Easter, or coming out event, the extra effort that goes into a rainbow-cake-bake will be made up for in smiles (or food coloring induced seizures). And we’d be remiss if we didn’t hat-tip The Omnomicon and Nikkita here, for truly, they are the Tigris and Euphrates of Rainbow Cake knowledge.

    • Pamela

      already found this (somehow via, I think??) and it has single-handedly created a theme for my quarter century birthday party in May: preschool chic.

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