They’re Like Five Guys Except Green

Elevation Burger is a “green” burger chain that’s about to drop on Philly like a big grass-fed cow patty. They’re essentially a Five Guys type burger joint that is environmentally sustainable and boasts quality organic ingredients. The beef is organic, the fries are fresh cut and cooked in olive oil, and the cheese is real cheddar. They are also as environmentally friendly as a burger joint can get. The Wynnewood location has bamboo flooring, recycled tiles, and energy efficient appliances such as water heaters and whatnot. The Virginia-based company plans to open two locations within our city limits by winter time which will eventually bring the grand total of Elevation Burgers in the area to eight. Their menu truly looks delicious in its simplicity; it has only nine items, but they all look like they could lead to organic mouthgasms. We wait in gluttonous anticipation to see what Elevation Burger can bring to the upscale fast food scene. They’re keeping the two new locations under wraps for now, but we’ll have ‘em for you shortly.

  • Andy

    Olive Oil ain’t cheap to cook in. interested in trying those.

  • Marcou

    While normally I would endorse this joint, any establishment that seeks to take business from my beloved Five Guys is my mortal foe.

  • Grass Finished Beef

    I love Five Guys and I’ve been excited to see their franchises all the way out in Utah now so I can get a burger from them more regularly. However, if I’m near an Elevation Burger anytime soon I’ll make sure to give it a try. Oh, and you mentioned that the meat is organic. Do you know if it’s grass finished or not?

  • Paul

    Olive oil also ain’t good to deep-fry in because of its low smoking point. I’m holding out for Garces’s duck fat fries. Haven’t been to the Wynnewood one, but isn’t their competitor in Philly going to be Goodburger, not Five Guys?

  • Marty B.

    I think Five Guys is mentioned in this context instead of Goodburger because it seems from my observation that Five Guys is thriving while Goodburger’s arrival in Philly fell kinda flat.

  • Darwin

    “Environmentally friendly” is to “burger joint” what “unstable explosives” are to “home security.” The decreased impact on the environment that would be gained by their “green” efforts are more than negated by the harmful affects of raising cattle for consumption at all, organic/grass-fed/free-range/etc. You can play all the Mozart you want in the slaughterhouse, it doesn’t change the fact that we consume too much red meat. It’s like saying that if you manufacture bullets in a gentle, nurturing environment they won’t be as harmful.
    If every U.S. citizen decreased their consumption of red meat by half, the net affect would be that of eliminating the emissions from every car on the road.

  • Dan

    Plus, there’s a Five Guys in Bala Cynwyd, close to Wynnewood, but no Goodburger in the area.

  • e

    and five guys is from virginia/DC area, whereas goodburger is from NYC

  • gaetano

    The only fat food hangover worse than a five guys is the one you get from eating a Jims wrapped up in a slice of Lorenzo.

    Olive oil fries, Chinese olive oil?

  • Sr.

    Apparently, the Wynnewood location will not open until June. CanĀ“t wait!

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