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Marylin Manson, Stoya Eat At The Continental


In a few weeks, it will have been a full five years since the world lost Julia Child; while the timing might be coincidental, two notable tributes are currently making waves. The higher profile project is the Meryl Streep and Amy Adams vehicle Julie & Julia, in which, if you haven’t seen the constant commercials […]

Getting Tipsy With Three Sheets

The show Three Sheets just appeared as a blip on our radar, but it’s already beginning its fourth season. What took us so long? Three Sheets spent its formative years on the now-defunct MOJO HD network (which we can’t recall ever watching), but has just transitioned to the higher-profile (?) Fine Living Network, garnering some […]


Breaking News: Jose Garces To Be On Next Iron Chef

Ok, so we haven’t written about Jose in like a week, so it truly is time. But with this exciting news, comes a tad of sad. Our beloved restaurateur and Person Of The Year is going to be a contestant on The Food Network’s Next Iron Chef. What’s that mean? If he wins, he joins […]

March Of The Pigs In Action

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