The Edible Vince Fumo

fumoThere’s a lot to take in within the pages of Ralph Cipriano‘s long piece of Vince Fumo‘s post-conviction days in the new issue of PhillyMag, but you will be happy to know, dear reader, that both author and subject bring it to you on a full stomach. It seems that, since his troubles began, the former PA state senator has taken up cooking. And we have to say, we like what he’s cooking, and how he’s cooking it:

Tonight, however, the only fire at the mansion is in the belly of the former senator’s Viking Professional range. He’s ready to broil a couple of T-bone steaks medium-rare. He’s also fussing with side dishes: roasted potatoes, spinach e olio, and a tomato salad with feta.

Once a regular at La Veranda on Columbus Boulevard, Fumo finds solace these days in cooking at home, usually for family and friends. As with any Fumo project, the self-confessed obsessive-compulsive has thrown himself into it. He’s collected more than 160 cookbooks and frequently TiVo’s the chefs on the Food Network. He’s been interested in cooking since he was a kid helping his Irish mother make ravioli for his Italian father. She had a special juice glass reserved for a dough mold, Fumo recalls: “My job was pressing the fork around the edges of the ravioli. I enjoyed it.” His specialties include lentil soup, his mother’s Irish lamb stew, and her “phenomenal oyster stuffing for turkey.”

Girlfriend Carolyn Zinni shares his passion for food. “We really love cooking. We’d rather do that than go out,” Fumo says. “It’s like dueling. Her whole family cooks. I make a good gravy, but Carolyn’s is better. She makes a straight marinara.”

Now, sure, The Vince of Darkness has been a bad, bad boy, but we’ve gotta give him extra points for calling it “gravy.” Could a Vince Fumo Cookbook be far behind? Could be. After all, the man’s got nothing but time.

  • John Lightstone

    The prison cooking scene from Goodfellas comes to mind . . . . .

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