Hip To Be SquareBurger

That which you see above is a $15 lunch from the brand spankin’ new SquareBurger, located in Franklin Square on 6th Street.

With it being summer and all, burgers are stealing the limelight, and we must say the Starr Cheeseburger has something to offer, and is going to be a destination for groundchuckobsessives.  Very compact and juicy, the spicy and messy ketchup, pickle and onion concoction was just what the doctor ordered for bench sitting and people watching. A perfect handful of Martin’s Potato roll held the whole thing together. At a price point of $4.75, it’s on the high-side of affordable, but not unreasonable. A tasty burger.

The Philly Dog is wrapped in salami, mustarded up, and peppered to the gills, filling the entire bun with crunchy goodness. It’s quite good, but nothing you couldn’t get somewhere else for a dollar or two less. And we’re not quite sure why the name is ‘Philly Dog’.

The French Fries are $2, and as has been talked about in food circles around town, frozen. But it’s not really a big deal, the fries were crispy and well done, not a single soggy one to be found. If a french fry can be balanced, they were.

The highlight of the meal was definitely the Cake Shake. We will be visiting the little house often for this wonderful ice cream treat that featured fresh Butterscotch Krimpets blended into a thick vanilla milkshake topped with butterscotch flavors. An ingenious idea, the pieces of soft spongecake absorbed so much ice cream and topping that when you bite down into them it releases a chilly froth of TastyKake, Ice Cream, and Heaven. All conveniently transported to your tastebuds through a think colored straw.

While there’s nothing absurdly groundbreaking about what SquareBurger has going on, we do give it a big thumbs up for not overthinking what it needed to be. It’s simple and straightforward, and not overpriced. And if that first crack at a specialty milkshake is what we can expect in the future, there’s gonna be long lines until the first frost hits in October.

SquareBurger, 6th and Race Sts. Franklin Square

  • http://www.phillygrrl.com phillygrrl

    Cake Shake, huh? I’ll give it a shot.

  • 0 for 2

    Just gave this bad boy a whirl- gotta say I had high hopes and they were D-A-S-H-E-D. First off… a good ten minute wait for a milkshake, with burger in hand? and only 2 other customers at the whole place?? yikes. Asked for NO ketchup and NO onions. Needless to say after waiting for 10 minutes just to get the accompanying beverage, I wasn’t about to wait all over again after discovering my burger slathered in ketchup… gross :( No vanilla ice cream for the cake shake, so they subbed chocolate which was cool except….. THEY FORGOT THE CAKE! lame. $9 for a half wrong burger and a completely FAILed milkshake. Still, I choked that jawn down quick as hell.

    I will give you a second chance, squareburger. But fail me again and it’s CURTAINS.

  • ore ida

    frozen fries not a big deal??? this is food blog?

    you should know better. but i dont think you do based on what i read on here.

  • CEF

    @ Ore Ida – We are against frozen fries for sure, but in this case, the price point would be well over $2, probably scraping 4 or 5, and that makes your $15 tab over $20. I love boardwalk fries like the next guy, but for a quick grab, I can stomach frozen fries that were very crispy and hot. Not ideal, but I sure won’t be visiting for the fries anyway.

    @ 0 for 2 – As with most Starr joints, they just can’t seem to get the machine well oiled for a month or so, but really it shouldn’t be an issue that’s just a kitchen and a window. We also had issues with the number of people working behind the counter running into one another.

    As for them jacking up the Cake Shake…well we can’t let that slide ever again, since that should be the signature reason to go. They need some militant orgainzation. If they screw up the shake again, you get a free pass to never go again, speak the name of the place, and openly mock Stephen Starr for not even being able to get a milkshake correct. And we will back you up.

  • starr is a grumpy man

    Frozen fries? Tastycakes? Meat from Indian Ridge does not mention grass fed beef on their site. Has anyone seen Food Inc or read Omnivore’s Dilema. If you are what you eat most of you will soon be dead. 1 in 3 people born from 2000 will have early onset diabetes. I wonder why?

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