One Giant Leap For Vegankind

beardhouseChef Richard Landau has been selected to cook at the James Beard House in NYC. The highly decorated Horizons owner and head chef will be the first vegan chef ever to have the honor of cooking at the legendary culinary institution. And the honor is well deserved, as Landau approaches his cooking different than that of the typical vegan chef. He describes his cooking as, “carnivore-friendly vegan cuisine,” attempting to bridge the gap between omnivores and vegans once and for all. Maybe that’s what set him apart from the rest of the mob, besides, we all know his food was never in question. Landau and his wife Kate are set to host the dinner on November 3rd, with hors d’oeuvres at 7pm and dinner at 8. Reservation, menu, and pricing details are expected for early August.

Horizons, 611 S 7th St. (215) 923-6117

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    MAKE THE JERK SEITAN! MORE JERK SEITAN! God that stuff is good.

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