Whole Foods Knows How To Fix ‘Merica’s Health Care System

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Amid the current maelstrom of birthers, deathers, out of control town hall meetings, and short-tempered politicians, it seemed that all we had to do was cling tightly to our evergreen lefty-centric institutions and eventually we could weather the storm with our long-held values intact. Or could we? In a recent Wall Street Journal article, John Mackey, CEO and founder of everyone’s favorite mass-marketer of organic quinoa and gluten-free waffles, Whole Foods, broke presumed ranks and spoke out against government-funded health care reform. Channeling the spirit and words of Margaret Thatcher, Mackey calls for insurance tort reform, tax law changes, and Medicare cost reform (read: cuts) instead of a more socialized approach. More interestingly, he also recommends that we “revise tax forms to make it easier for individuals to make a voluntary, tax-deductible donation to help the millions of people who have no insurance and aren’t covered by Medicare, Medicaid or the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.” Does Mackey think these millions of people, likely low-income, will be better served by this donation-dependent system as opposed to a system that has a more stable rate of funding through taxes? Mackey also repeats the time-worn warning of lengthy waits for medical attention in Canada and the UK as a reason why the US should not even attempt such changes. All things considered, we’re left a bit confused. Whole Foods has always been there for us, like a glass of warm milk, to soothe and nourish us during turbulent times. Now it’s causing us to question the communal, feel-good values we always associated with the Whole Foods lifestyle we bought into.

For now, maybe all we can do is step back, reflect, and give thanks for what we have:

  • Dave

    Perhaps all the physicians I know who are in despair because they will not be able to practice medicine properly under this plan are all ignorant, radical, Republican, fascist thugs in your opinion. In fact, you are leftist-totalitarian morons who should never be allowed to implement your destructive policies in this country
    I think you people would feel much more at home in a country that shares your values: North Korea.

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