R.I.P. Blue In Green, Hello Philly Cupcake


This adorable wrapping paper and announcement was found on the door of one of our favorite coffee shops of ever, Blue In Green. Longtime owner Mike Baer has skipped off to Seattle with his family and leaves behind a legacy of the best pancakes in Philly, a strong cup of Iced Coffee, and endless stories about local celebrities. All told first-hand. He never wanted his picture in any publication, but his trademark curly hair and plaid hat are burned into the collective minds of many longtime customers. He will be missed.

In his place will be Philly Cupcake, who currently is looking to hire a cupcake maker and sales staff with experience. Right now, hotness is The Cupcake, so we hope to see this corner finally succeed where no other business could.

Philly Cupcake, 105 S 12th Street  (215) 923-6883

  • Kara

    is there another contact number for philly cupcake? i’d like to find out if they fulfilled their sales and baking positions. thanks so much.

  • Hillary

    Just send an email to info@phillycupcake.com – my brother is one of the owners and I just called him to ask how you should get in touch with them so that email address will definitely work!

  • Michael Lewis

    We are working on getting some more promo and info out to people and have been working like mad to open at the end of this month. If you are interested in applying, please send an email (resumes are also appreciated) to info@phillycupcake.com. Phoodie.info thanks for the mention. We will miss Michael Baer as well. Hopefully, my partner will have some more up to date info to you soon. Also, our address is 1123 Chestnut St., no phone yet

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