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Pat’s & Geno’s, Feel The Wrath Of The Furious Gods Of L&I

KYW is reporting today that the Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I), that bastion of regulatory integrity, has presented both Pat’s and Geno’s with citations for operating with illegal outdoor sidewalk seating. According to our folks in the know, any restaurant within certain zones is allowed to “erect, construct or maintain a sidewalk café” […]

This Weekend: Peter, Peter, Non-Pumpkin Eaters

We’ve refrained from any Halloween listings, as we’re sure you’re all planned with the numerous costume (and Game 3 parties) at your pals’ houses or favorite watering holes, but we wanted to mention two noteworthy happenings: · Foster’s new spot at 33 N. Third Street officially opens tomorrow. Their Saturday cooking demo series remains in […]

It’s A Beautiful Day For Pie

We know that today, dear readers, you’re all either wondering how you’re going to find 8 cheap, plastic baby dolls for your Octomom costumes (not to mention wondering who’s going to be your Jon Gosselin look-alike date), or trying to find time to go rifle through the dregs at I. Goldberg for that sailor outfit […]


Tonight: Pregames, Dinners And What Not…

· The Pumpkin Head Riot event at Standard Tap will have you drinking out of a bottomless $10 pumpkin carved mug with five specialty pumpkin beers on tap for the night. Mugs are limited so they recommend you get there when they open at 4pm. After that, watch the game there on the big screen […]

Left Hand and Terrapin Beer Dinner at Monk’s

The second phase of the Midnight Project between Left Hand and Terrapin breweries will be showcased tonight at Monk’s Café. Midnight Project is a collaboration effort between the Colorado and Georgia breweries, and the beers are on a very, very limited brew calendar: One batch, and on sale in only six states. Last year’s release […]


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