Make Sure Those Leafy Greens Are Washed

spinachIt’s not just bad meat that’s to blame when you’re howling in the throes of food poisoning. According to this transparency from GOOD Magazine (data from the Center for Science in the Public Interest), the riskiest FDA-regulated food is unwashed leafy greens (meat, poultry, and processed egg are regulated by the Department of Agriculture). Remember the Dole baby spinach tainted with e.coli in 2006? More than 200 people died. And last year’s tomato Salmonella scare? The list of these ten foods (eggs, tuna, oysters, berries, etc.) accounts for nearly 40 percent of foodborne outbreaks.

For more, check put this Howcast video on how to properly wash leafy greens. This is not an animation from a Wii game.

  • Felicia

    You should, by all means, rinse your greens and other vegetables, but washing will not remove E. Coli or Salmonella organisms. The item has to be cooked through to kill bugs that can sicken you.

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