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The 2009 Phoodies

Round 2 of The Phoodies: It’s been a long and wonderful year, and there have been some worthy additions to the Philly dining scene. But some of the stalwarts kicked shit up a notch, and made sure to remind everyone that old doesn’t always mean tired. Sometimes it means fucking great. 2009 was stuff of […]

Name This Holiday Cocktail!

Hey guys, so, see that last cocktail on tonight’s list for Philebrity Salon: Jazz Xmas, tonight at 700? We want you to name it. Here’s the recipe: “1.5 oz silver tequila 3/4 oz chocolate liquor 1/2 oz coffee liquor Aztec chocolate bitters Orange bitters Fresh ground black pepper Fresh ground nutmeg Hot Coffee Shaved pitch-dark […]

And Now, “Hoagies” By The Hoagieman

Hi there, I am the Hoagieman and I have written a song about hoagies. It’s called “Hoagies”. I send it to you in the hopes that you might have the chance to feature it on your site, tell your friends, or even personally enjoy it on your MP3 player. Perhaps even whilst enjoying some of […]


But Of Course We Remember Mama’s Chruscik — How Could We Ever Forget?

Chruscik — alternately known as chrusciki — is a Polish treat of fried dough dusted with powdered sugar, and while it has traditionally appeared at weddings and other occasions, here in Philly, chrusciki always seems to be around at Christmas. Some folks hate it, decrying it as a the funnel cake of Eastern Europe while […]

There’s Plenty To Go Around, ‘Till It’s Gone

A couple of bars, north and west, are pouring out all of their beer into the bellies of any who dare to attend next Wednesday. The Memphis Taproom invites you to join them at 9 pm on Xmas Eve Eve (December 23rd, dum-dum) when they’re pouring away everything that they have on tap for three […]


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