There’s Plenty To Go Around, ‘Till It’s Gone

A couple of bars, north and west, are pouring out all of their beer into the bellies of any who dare to attend next Wednesday. The Memphis Taproom invites you to join them at 9 pm on Xmas Eve Eve (December 23rd, dum-dum) when they’re pouring away everything that they have on tap for three dollars a pint. Yes,that’s everything for three bucks until it’s gone. Local 44 is doing the same thing but to the west. Three dollar drafts, starting at 9 pm until the kegs are kicked or you pass out at the bar (but don’t do that, it’s embarrassing for you and those you came with.) Maybe we could declare some sort of race. Whichever bar kicks its line up first, gets…alcohol poisoning. Prost!

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