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In Case You Missed It: The Hot Potato Episode Of Kitchen Nightmares

So much to talk about here! And we will, on Monday. In the meantime, just take it all in.

Phoodie Desert Island: Drew Lazor Of Meal Ticket

Meal Ticket has become the go-to spot for breaking news in the world of Philadelphia food. That shit doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s all due to the hardest working man in food blogging today, Drew Lazor. He’s everywhere at once, he’s FOOD BATMAN. He’s not all business, though, as his notorious Top Chef Recaps are often better than […]

Food Blob: Philly Is Hungry

It turns out Philadelphia is home to the second hungriest district in the nation.The list was created by the Food Research and Action Center and was determined by the resident’s “lack of money to buy enough food to satisfy a family’s needs.” [KYW] Morimoto launched a new lunch menu available starting today. The menu is […]


Offal Lovers Rejoice: Haggis Is On Its Way Back!

For those of you who have been missing the taste of sheep offal in your haggis, a time of celebration may be in your future sooner than you think. It has been announced that the United States Department of Agriculture is considering lifting the 21-year import ban on the product. Authentic haggis was banned in […]

At Long Last, @phoodiedotinfo Is On Twitter

How about you follow us? We’re just getting started, but look forward to headlines, specials and random notes.


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