Shiestyness Worthy of Sluggworth: The Philadelphia Chocolatier Wars

DSC_0038.NEFIf Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has taught us anything, it’s that the chocolate business is a cutthroat one. Don’t let the confections fool you; it really can be a nasty business and once you get past the sweet exterior, chocolateirs can be some sour mother f’ers. Just look at what happens when you type into your web browser: It’ll take you straight to their rival, Teuscher Chocolates‘ website. Both chocolatiers are based in Philly, and apparently, this town ain’t big enough for the both of ‘em. So, that’s right, Tuescher snaked the domain name right out from under Marci Blaine’s nose and linked it to their homepage. All Willy Wonka references aside, who would’ve thought that the chocolate world was so ruthless? Needless to say, there are lawyers involved at this point and we’ll see if this delicious drama works itself out before the Oompa Loompas start to sing.

  • Choco-ista

    You bet your butt its cutthroat, just ask Valerie.

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