Sweet Freedom: Philly’s First Vegan and Gluten-, Soy-, Dairy-, Refined Sugar-Free Bakery

Picture 4Dear those who are cursed with both dietary restrictions and a sweet tooth: meet Sweet Freedom Bakery. Opening on January 15th at 1424 South St. (215) 545-1899, Allison Lubert and Heather Esposito will offer one of the country’s only vegan and gluten-, soy-, egg-, dairy- and refined sugar-free bakeries. “Both Heather and I have struggled with our eating habits and with troubling food allergies,” says Lubert, “and we both found ourselves striving to prepare our favorite treats in ways that were both delicious and appropriate for our diets. It’s a challenge to omit animal products, soy, gluten and corn and still create flavorful, crave-able baked goods, but we love to rise to that challenge every day.”

Sweet Freedom will rely heavily on coconut milk, in lieu of dairy, and coconut sugar, in addition to agave nectar and pure maple syrup, for sweetening. Flours will vary from brown and white rice flour to those manufactured from sorghum, garbanzo beans and even fava beans. All products will be peanut-free, as well, and no corn products will be used. Basically, if you have any kind of food allergy, you can probably eat these goods without worry.

  • TC

    Doesn’t “vegan” mean “egg and dairy free”?

  • Wendy


  • expat attack

    I’m allergic to shitty faux-desserts, so I’m outta luck here.

  • JW

    I’m very excited about this place and plan on stopping by as soon as they open. My fingers are crossed for some good bread.

  • Janice’ E.

    Believe it or not, most people have no clue what vegan means so yes vegan is egg and dairy free. In reply to expat attack- nothing faux about these deserts. Only really great ingredients and great taste and if you weren’t told you would not even know that what you were eating was devoid of refined sugars, dairy and white flour products. I challenge you to come and taste how great healthy deserts can taste.

  • Lizzer

    THESE TREATS ARE AMAZING! All you overweight gluten eating peeps out there with rising health insurance costs – I’m looking at you, expat attack – you will want to try these out.

    For all of us out there who actually care about preventative medicine, and are doing our best to be healthy in the PRESENT and not just when we get sick, this is the best place to go. These baked goods are amazing.

    Try the frosting filled cookies and feel like a normal person again!

  • Melissa

    If every cookbook out there was vegan, gluten-free or allergen-free, or even half of each cookbook was, it would be viewed as the norm. In 10-20 years, it will be viewed as the norm.

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