One Man’s Voyage Into The Seedy World Of Eating Every Pork Dish You Possibly Can

Adventures in PorkUp until recently, Philadelphia writer/artist/emcee/producer/gentleman/scholar Abdullah Saeed did not partake in the savory delights of the pig. Not quite a devout Muslim, he held onto this last of his religion’s taboos as almost a point of pride. Eventually, his curiosity started to pique as his determination started to waver and he decided to chronicle his descent into sin with his blog, Adventures in Pork. It’s a perfect food blog concept: Saeed’s almost poetic prose and fresh perspective on swine merge like ribs and BBQ sauce that makes for a witty feast for the eyeballs:

“As I grew and reached the inevitable point of questioning one’s religion, I maintained my unporkitude, holding my discipline as a point of pride. ‘Does that have pork in it? Oh…No thanks.’ My friends berated me, asking why this single abstinence had out lasted all others. I drink alcohol, philander with women (albeit only one. I call her ‘girlfriend’), gamble within my means, and duck every regulation that doesn’t fit with my lifestyle, yet I did not eat pork.”

We look forward to the further adventures of this burgeoning connoisseur of swine. Let us know when you get to the Ba-K-47. Happy hunting, Abdullah!

  • PorkAdventurer

    Thank you much for the kind words. I love that bacon vodka is two Harams in one. If only it could somehow be combined with gambling and premarital sex. Whoa…I just had an idea for a post.

  • lutton

    Did you check out Beerlass last fall with her second annual “Porktoberfest?”

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